Driving Courses Edmonton

Driving Courses Edmonton

LEAP Driving School Edmonton provides various driving courses in Edmonton based on your skill level and requirements. We offer the following driving courses in Edmonton:


Basic driving course:

If you’re a new driver and want to learn the fundamental skills of driving safely, this course is for you. Basic Driving Course includes 10 hours of Road Training


Defensive driving course:

This course will teach you defensive driving techniques and strategies to avoid accidents and collisions. This course also help you get useful tips from driving instructors how to avoid road rage etc. 


Premium driving course:

This course is ideal for individuals preparing to take their Class 5 Road Test in Edmonton, Sherwood Park and Beaumont area. This is comprehensive course which include 14 hours of road training + 15 hours of Classroom training.


Class 5 advanced course:

If you already have a Class 5 license and want to enhance your driving skills and knowledge. This course includes 6 hours of road training + 15 hours of classroom training.


Winter driving lessons:

LEAP Driving School offers winter driving course will teach you how to drive safely in winter conditions. Course covers safe starting and stopping techniques, skid control, braking, defensive, snow, and slush.


Road test preparation course:

Our course is designed to help you get ready for your Class 5 GDL road test.


Refresher driving course:

If you haven’t driven for a long time and want to refresh your driving skills and knowledge, this course is for you. This course is also know as brushup lesson, to brushup parking, highway, traffic circle driving. 


LEAP Driving School Edmonton, we’re a locally owned and operated driving school. We provide driving courses that are tailored to your needs so that you can become a confident, safe, and responsible driver. Our experienced and licensed instructors work closely with you to develop a personalized learning plan. We make sure that you get the most out of your driving lessons so that you can gain the necessary skills to stay safe on the roads.


Because of our 20 years of expertise, we know the finest ways to teach you how to drive a car in Edmonton, from the fundamentals to the more advanced skills. If you are a new driver or a teen driver, our driving courses in Edmonton will help you hone your abilities to the level of a professional. Inexperienced drivers will benefit greatly from our comprehensive and innovative training packages.

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Our Driving Courses

We are dedicated to shape our students into confident and responsible drivers. We offer wide range of driving courses in Edmonton, Beaumont, and Sherwood Park area. Our driving courses are designed to cater to the unique needs of every learner. Whether you’re a beginner eager to hit the road or someone looking to enhance your existing driving skills, we’ve got you covered.

Driver's Training Courses

We offer different Driver’s Training Course available in Edmonton and the surrounding area.  Our Basic Driving Course is ideal for learners who are interested in getting Insurance Discount. Our Premium Driving Course is our most popular training offering extra lessons for students to gain more confidence on the road. We also offer other options available including knowledge test preparation, brush-up lessons, insurance discount course, defensive driving course (3 demerit points reduction), and car rental option for the road test.
Please feel free to contact us for more information, we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our driving courses. 


Basic Training

Minimum Insurance Requirement

competitor: $895
With us: $545


Premium Training

Most Popular

competitor: $1,095
With us: $745


Ultimate Training

Most Comprehensive

competitor: $1650
With us: $1050

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Basic Driving Course include 10 hours of Road Training + 15 Hours of In-Class (or Online) training. This course is designed for Class 5 and 7 GDL license holders. Student will receive course completion certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Basic Driving Course Classroom (10 Hours of Road Training + 15 Hours of In-Class) Cost $ 545 + GST

Basic Driving Course Online (10 Hours of Road Training + 15 Hours of Online-Class) Cost $ 595 + GST

A road test preparation course is a training program designed to help individuals prepare for their driving test. It typically covers essential driving skills, road rules, and provides practical tips to increase the chances of passing the road test and obtaining a driver's license.
Driving Courses in Edmonton
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