Insurance Reduction Courses

Insurance Reduction Courses in Edmonton

Are you searching for a trusted driving school in Edmonton that not only helps you become a safer driver but also saves you money on your insurance premiums? Look no further than LeaP Driving School!

At LeaP Driving School, we understand the importance of safe driving, and we’re committed to helping you become a responsible and skilled driver. Our Insurance Reduction Courses are designed to do just that, all while reducing your insurance costs.


Why Choose Our Insurance Reduction Courses?

Expert Instructors: Our courses are led by experienced and certified instructors who are passionate about teaching safe driving techniques.


Proven Curriculum: We offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers defensive driving strategies, accident prevention, and all the essential skills you need to navigate Edmonton’s roads confidently.


Interactive Learning: We believe in hands-on, interactive learning. Our courses incorporate practical exercises, real-life scenarios, and in-car training to ensure you’re well-prepared for any situation on the road.


Insurance Savings: Completing our Insurance Reduction Course can lead to substantial savings on your insurance premiums. Many insurance providers offer discounts to drivers who have successfully completed our program.


How it Works

Enroll / Register: Sign up for our Insurance Reduction Course online or by contacting our office.


Attend Classes: Participate in engaging classroom sessions and in-car training, where you’ll learn valuable skills and strategies.


Graduate with Confidence: After completing the course, you’ll graduate with the confidence and knowledge needed to be a safer and more responsible driver.


Enjoy Insurance Savings: Contact your insurance provider to let them know about your successful completion of our course and start enjoying potential insurance discounts.


Invest in your safety and save on insurance premiums by choosing LeaP Driving School’s Insurance Reduction Courses in Edmonton. Join us on the journey to becoming a better and more cost-effective driver today!

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Driver's Training Courses

We offer different Driver’s Training Course available in Edmonton and the surrounding area.  Our Basic Driving Course is ideal for learners who are interested in getting Insurance Discount. Our Premium Driving Course is our most popular training offering extra lessons for students to gain more confidence on the road. We also offer other options available including knowledge test preparation, brush-up lessons, insurance discount course, defensive driving course (3 demerit points reduction), and car rental option for the road test.
Please feel free to contact us for more information, we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our driving courses. 


Basic Training

Minimum Insurance Requirement

competitor: $895
With us: $545


Premium Training

Most Popular

competitor: $1,095
With us: $745


Ultimate Training

Most Comprehensive

competitor: $1650
With us: $1050

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