Brushup driving lesson

From: $120.00

LeaP Driving School Edmonton offers two hours brushup lesson in Edmonton and surrounding areas. We offer very competitive pricing, which included pickup/drop-off.




Brushup driving lesson that is intended for individuals who have already had some previous experience behind the wheel. It is recommended for the student, who want to review and improve their driving skills. These lessons are typically 2 hours long in duration. It is designed to focus on specific areas that the driver would like to improve, such as parallel parking, highway driving, or defensive driving techniques. Brush-up driving lessons can be a good option also for people who have not driven in a while and feel a bit rusty.  Brush-up lesson is good for drivers confidence boost.

Brush-up driving lessons can help with a variety of things, including:

Improving driving skills:

By reviewing and practicing specific driving techniques, individuals can improve their overall driving abilities and confidence behind the wheel.

Refreshing driving knowledge:

For individuals who have not driven in a while, a brush-up driving lesson can provide a refresher on the rules of the road, traffic laws, and safe driving practices.

Overcoming specific driving challenges:

If a driver is having trouble with a specific aspect of driving, such as parallel parking or navigating busy intersections, a brush-up lesson can help them overcome these challenges.

Preparing for a driving road test:

For individuals who are getting ready to take a driving test, a brush-up lesson can provide a final review of the skills they need to demonstrate in order to pass.

A brush-up driving lesson can help drivers feel more confident and capable behind the wheel, and can help improve their overall driving skills and safety.

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