Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons

LeaP Driving School offers driving lessons in Edmonton & the surrounding area. We have friendly and professionally trained licensed instructors in our team, who never compromise on the quality of driver’s training. Our instructors will teach you all the rules in a detailed and professional manner. We ensure that our students understand the rules of the road, learn safe driving techniques, and become confident drivers.


We train our students to become calm and professional drivers. Our goal is not only to help you pass your road test but also to ensure you have the skills to drive safely when sharing the road with other users. We help our students develop good scanning/eye-lead techniques during driving lessons which is a very essential technique for professional drivers.


We adjust our teaching style according to our student(s), as every student is unique. We follow the step-by-step process and ensure our students are building strong foundation skills first and then advance skills. We follow the Alberta Transportation curriculum and teach our students proper steering, turning, scanning, merging, highway driving, traffic circle, downtown driving, parking techniques, and much more.


We offer top-quality driving lessons in Edmonton at a very competitive price. We honestly believe that driving is a privilege that comes with responsibility, and we ensure that student(s) understand their responsibilities as driver(s).


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