Road Test Rental

From: $100.00

Car Rental Service for Driving Road Tests

LeaP Driving School Edmonton offer road test rental in Edmonton. Our cars are mechanically inspected and approved from Alberta Transportation. Road test rental includes car gas, rent & insurance.

Car Rental for road test = $100


Renting LEAP driving school car for a road test can offer several benefits:

1. Familiarity: LEAP Driving School allow students to rent same car they used for practice during driving lessons, making them feel more comfortable during the test.
2. Well-Maintained: Our Driving school cars are well-maintained, ensuring they meet safety standards and perform reliably.
3. Dual Controls: All our training cars have dual controls, allowing the examiner to intervene if needed, which can boost your confidence during the test.
4. Insurance Coverage: Our cars has commercial insurance coverage, which protect our students, which can reduce your financial liability in case of an accident.
5. Stress Reduction: Using a familiar vehicle can help reduce test-related stress and anxiety, allowing you to focus better on the road.
6. Road Test Preparation: LeaP driving school Edmonton also offer pre-test practice sessions, helping you prepare and familiarize yourself with the test route.
7. Instructor Support: Our driving instructor provide useful tips and tricks and help you calm down before road test, which can provide additional guidance and support.


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