Winter Driving Course


6 HOURS Driving



Winter driving course

Winter Driving Lessons
This course is suitable for teen/adult learners.
This course includes 6 hours of winter road training



Winter driving course in Edmonton typically cover a range of topics to help drivers navigate safely in snowy and icy conditions. Some key areas include:

Vehicle Preparation: Ensuring your vehicle is winter-ready with proper tires, antifreeze, and winter wipers.

Safe Starting and Stopping: Techniques for smoothly starting and stopping on slippery surfaces.

Steering and Handling: How to maintain control of your vehicle through turns and curves in icy conditions.

Braking: Understanding anti-lock brakes (ABS) and how to brake safely on icy roads.

Skid Control: Learning how to react and recover from skids.

Visibility: Tips for keeping windshields and windows clear, including defrosting, and using wipers effectively.

Safe Following Distances: Adjusting your following distance to account for longer stopping distances in winter conditions.

Winter Driving Laws: Understanding local laws and regulations related to winter driving, such as mandatory winter tires.

Emergency Situations: What to do in case of an accident, breakdown, or getting stuck in the snow.

Defensive Driving: Emphasizing the importance of cautious and defensive driving practices in winter weather.

These Driving lessons are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to stay safe when driving in the challenging winter conditions that are common in Edmonton and other cold-weather regions.

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