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Driving schools in Edmonton, Beaumont and Sherwood Park provides driver education and training services to individuals who are learning how to drive or looking to improve their driving skills. The primary job of driving schools in Edmonton is to educate and train new drivers to become safe and responsible drivers on the road. There are lots of driving schools Edmonton options available, but LEAP Driving School has genuine 5-star rating on google and provides exceptional service in Edmonton. At LEAP Driving School we offer top quality driver training in Edmonton, Beaumont and Sherwood Park at very affordable price. 


Key aspects of LEAP Driving School:

Classroom & Online Instruction:

LEAP Driving school offer classroom-based and online-based instruction to provide students with the necessary knowledge about traffic laws, rules, and regulations. This includes understanding road signs, traffic signals, right-of-way rules, and other essential information for safe driving.


Behind-the-Wheel Training: 

We offer practical, hands-on training behind the wheel of a vehicle. We have Certified driving instructors who provides individualized instruction to students, teaching them the necessary skills and techniques required for safe driving. Driving School cars equipped with dual controls, allowing instructors to intervene if necessary.


Defensive Driving Techniques: 

Our experienced driving instructors emphasize on the importance of defensive driving, teaching students how to anticipate and respond to potential hazards on the road. This includes teaching defensive driving techniques such as maintaining safe following 2 to 4 sec distances, scanning for potential dangers 12 to 15 sec ahead, and making appropriate decisions in challenging driving situations.


Preparation for Driving Exams: 

At LEAP Driving school – We help students prepare for their driving exams, including the written knowledge test and the practical driving test. We provide guidance and practice opportunities to ensure that students are well-prepared to pass these tests and obtain their driver’s licenses.


Driver Improvement Courses: 

We also offer additional courses for licensed drivers who want to improve their driving skills. These courses may focus on specific areas such as advanced driving techniques, winter driving, or defensive driving.


Road test preparation by Driving Schools in Edmonton:

While it’s possible to learn driving from other sources, such as family or friends, formal training from a driving school offers structured lessons, professional instruction, and a comprehensive curriculum designed to enhance your driving skills and knowledge.

There are also lots of driving schools in Edmonton but It’s important to choose a reputable and licensed driving school in Edmonton to ensure you receive high-quality training. Research and read reviews to select a school that suits your needs and has a good reputation for producing safe and competent drivers.

Attending LEAP driving school in Edmonton can significantly increase your chances of passing your road test successfully. Here’s why:


Professional Instruction: 

LEAP Driving School employ certified driving instructors who have the expertise and knowledge of the road test requirements. Our licensed driving instructors are familiar with the specific criteria that examiners look for during the test and provides targeted instruction and practice to help you meet those requirements.

Road Test Preparation: 

We are expert and experienced in preparing students for road tests. Our instructors will guide you through the entire process and help you understand what to expect during the exam. We will teach you the necessary skills and techniques to perform well, such as proper vehicle control, lane positioning, signaling, and defensive driving strategies.

Mock Exams and Practice: 

Our driving instructor conduct mock exams to replicate the actual testing conditions. This allows students to practice and become familiar with the exam format, which helps reduce anxiety and improve performance on the actual road test.

Feedback and Corrections: 

Our instructors provides valuable feedback on student driving skills, also highlighting the areas that needs improvement. He works with student to address any weaknesses and ensures they are well-prepared for the road test.

Confidence Building: 

Confidence plays a crucial role in performing well on the road test. Our Driving school create a supportive environment where gain confidence in your driving abilities through structured lessons and practice sessions. We ensure our students become more confident and are better equipped to handle the challenges of the road test.

While attending a driving school in Edmonton does not guarantee an automatic pass on your road test, but it significantly increases your preparedness and proficiency as a driver. It equips you with the necessary knowledge, skills, and confidence to navigate the road test successfully.

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Driver's Training Courses

We offer different Driver’s Training Course available in Edmonton and the surrounding area.  Our Basic Driving Course is ideal for learners who are interested in getting Insurance Discount. Our Premium Driving Course is our most popular training offering extra lessons for students to gain more confidence on the road. We also offer other options available including knowledge test preparation, brush-up lessons, insurance discount course, defensive driving course (3 demerit points reduction), and car rental option for the road test.
Please feel free to contact us for more information, we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our driving courses. 


Basic Training

Minimum Insurance Requirement

competitor: $895
With us: $545


Premium Training

Most Popular

competitor: $1,095
With us: $745


Ultimate Training

Most Comprehensive

competitor: $1650
With us: $1050

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Our Driving Courses

We are dedicated to shape our students into confident and responsible drivers. We offer wide range of driving courses in Edmonton, Beaumont, and Sherwood Park area. Our driving courses are designed to cater to the unique needs of every learner. Whether you’re a beginner eager to hit the road or someone looking to enhance your existing driving skills, we’ve got you covered.

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