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International Drivers and License Exchange Program

The Alberta License Exchange program is a process that allows individuals who have a valid driver’s license from another country to exchange it for an Alberta driver’s license. This program applies to individuals who are new residents of Alberta, Canada, and have recently moved to the province from another country. The program is intended to make the transition for new residents easier by allowing them to continue driving in Alberta without having to go through the process of obtaining a new driver’s license from scratch.

Eligibility criteria:

To participate in the Alberta License Exchange program, an individual must meet certain eligibility criteria. They must have a valid driver’s license from another country, be a new resident of Alberta, and have lived in the province for less than 90 days. They must also pass a vision test and a knowledge test, and if required, a road test.

The process of exchanging a foreign driver’s license:

The process of exchanging a foreign driver’s license for an Alberta driver’s license is relatively straightforward. Individuals must visit a registry agent office and present their foreign driver’s license, as well as proof of identity and Alberta residency. They must also pay a fee to participate in the program. Once they have passed the required tests, they will be issued an Alberta driver’s license. The new license will have the same class as their foreign license.

Countries part of exchange program:

It is important to note that not all countries are eligible for the license exchange program, only countries that have a reciprocal agreement with Alberta. Alberta Transportation update the list from time to time but as of Jan 2023 the following countries are part of exchange program.

  • Australia (Class 5 and 6)
  • Austria (Class 5)
  • Belgium (Class 5)
  • France (Class 5)
  • Germany (Class 5)
  • Isle of Man (Class 5 and 6)
  • Japan (Class 5)
  • Netherlands (Class 5)
  • Republic of Ireland (Class 5 and 6)
  • Republic of Korea (Class 5)
  • Switzerland (Class 5 and 6)
  • Taiwan (Class 5)
  • United Kingdom (Northern Ireland – Class 5 and 6)
  • United Kingdom (England, Scotland and Wales – Class 5)

Drivers from other International Countries:

Even if you are from a nation that is not a participant in the exchange program, your international experience will still be taken into account. Bring your national driver’s license along with any abstract documents that detail your driving history. You can submit the necessary paperwork to Alberta Registry, who will review your background and determine whether you can take your road test in Edmonton without having to wait a year.

Driving Course in Edmonton, Alberta:

The Alberta License Exchange program is a convenient way for new residents of Alberta to continue driving in the province without having to go through the process of obtaining a new driver’s license. However, it is recommended for international drivers to attend driving course in Edmonton Alberta. Attending a driving course in Edmonton Alberta can be beneficial for international drivers as it can help them become familiar with the specific rules and regulations of the province. Additionally, it can also help them develop the skills and confidence necessary to navigate Alberta’s roadways safely.


One of the main benefits of attending a driving course in Alberta is that it can help international drivers understand and comply with the province’s unique traffic laws. For example, Alberta has strict laws regarding the use of cell phones while driving, as well as specific rules for passing other vehicles and making turns. A driving course can provide international drivers with the information they need to avoid costly fines and penalties for breaking these laws.


Insurance Discount Course:

In addition, attending a driving course in Alberta can also be useful for those who wish to apply for Alberta driver’s license. It can help them to understand the process and meet the requirements of getting a license in Alberta. It also can be a proof of their driving skills to the government and will also help you getting up to 20% insurance discount after completing eligible driving course with licensed driving school in Edmonton, Alberta.

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